WWWCA Board members are a diverse and multi-talented group of professional women

all with the passion to educate and enlighten.

Stacy was born in the Heartland of America, Springfield, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. Politically active and socially responsible from a young age, Stacy now informs and educates states and municipalities across the nation, on the Social, Legal and Medical Benefits of Natural Health Care, and in particular the healing benefits of Medicinal Cannabis.

Stacy founded World Wide Women’s Cannabis Alliance, to unite women in the common cause of educating individuals, organizations, medical professionals and municipalities across the globe on the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of Cannabis.  WWWCA is quickly growing into a powerful force, empowering women and men internationally with its diverse and experienced group of members.

Ms. Shymansky is an accomplished herbalist, health consultant and gourmet chef and actively participates as a Board Member, Fundraiser, and Consultant with a number of nationally and internationally recognized organizations including, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Americans for Safe Access and (AACM) American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.

Anne Morgan - M.D.

Cathy Jordan - ALS  Patient

Dr. Carolle Gean-Murat - M.D.

Board Members

Stacy J. Shymansky: Founder, CEO

Medicinal Cannabis Education and Advocacy

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